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Great news for fans:Iíve recently been notified by Frank Darabont that a new DVD (with commentary and lots of bonus features) will be released in early October.In addition, Shawshank will be re-released in the theatres in mid-September.Hereís Frankís message below:


Date: September - 2004

Hi everybody, Frank Darabont here.

I'm sending all the fans of Shawshank a big hello, as well as sharing some news
I hope you'll be excited about. This year is the Ten Year Anniversary of The
Shawshank Redemption! (As Andy says in the movie, "I wonder where ten years
went?")To mark the occasion, Warner Brothers and I have come up with an
excellent way to celebrate. First, on September 24th, we're going to re-release
Shawshank in theaters in eight citites across the country -- Los Angeles, New
York, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, Philadelphia, Seattle, and Austin. This
will give folks a chance to see Shawshank the way it was meant to be seen, on
the big screen. Also, be aware that if enough people show up the first week,
there's an excellent chance we'll widen the release to additional cities the
second week, so if you live in one of the places I've mentioned, check it out --
your support might help get it released in other cities where even more people
would get a chance to see it.

Even more exciting, though, is what comes after. On October 5th, two weeks after
we open in theaters, we'll be releasing our Ten Year Anniversary Special Edition
DVD! I've put a lot of effort into making this DVD as worthwhile as possible for
the fans, and it will include the following:

1) A sparkling new transfer. (The old one wasn't great.)

2) Director's commentary. (Enough fans have asked through the years that I knew
a Special Edition wouldn't be complete without one.)

3) Two awesome documentaries totaling about 90 minutes that deal with the making
of the film and the subsequent effect it's had on the moviegoing public. (I
really love these documentaries, they're excellently done.)

4) A yet-to-be-aired appearance by me, Morgan Freeman, and Tim Robbins on the
Charlie Rose show where we talk about making the film and the ten-year

5) A very funny parody film called The Sharktank Redemption by young filmmakers
Doug and Natalie Van Doren.

6) New Shawshank art has been created specifically for this anniversary release
by poster artist extraordinaire Drew Struzan. The new art will be featured on
the theatrical one-sheet poster as well as the DVD cover. In addition, fans will
be given information on the DVD about how they can order giclee prints of Drew's
amazing art in a very high-quality, very limited edition. (For those who may not
know, giclees are by far the best way to reproduce art, far better than a
lithograph...you actually can't tell a giclee print from the original art, even
side by side, that's how good the process is.)

7) There will be an extensive gallery of still images, as well as the storyboard
art for two of the film's sequences. (One sequence appears in the film as
storyboarded, but the other does not -- I didn't have enough time to shoot it as
planned, so what you see in the film is a much-simplified version.)

8) Those who buy the deluxe Special Edition DVD will also receive a CD of Thomas
Newman's awesome musical score, plus an excellent book about Shawshank written
by Mark Kermode (who also made on of the documentaries that appears on the
supplemental materials disc.)

I do hope this comes as welcome news to all of you who have embraced The
Shawshank Redemption so warmly through the years! I'm very excited that many of
you will get the chance to see it on the big screen again (or for the first
time!), and even more excited about the wonderful DVD we've put together -- I
think it's a pretty complete package. I hope to see your reactions on this
website in the future! Until then, my best to everybody.