September – 2004

·        Great news for fans:  I’ve recently been notified by Frank Darabont that a new DVD (with commentary and lots of bonus features) will be released in early October.  In addition, Shawshank will be re-released in the theatres in mid-September.  Finally, the two things that fans all over the world have been waiting for has become a reality!  Click here for details!


March - 2002

·         THREE Years and 125,000+ visitors.  I would've never thought that this website would be as big as it has become.  This website started out when I was bored (right after college looking for a job) as a small project.  It eventually took about 3 weeks of working day and night (scanning hundreds of pages & pictures, writing HTML, researching, encoding audio/video, etc.) to mostly complete this site (since I had nothing else to do!) Today, other than minor updates to the site, I haven't been able to do any major enhancements because of the demands of my job.  However, I do read ALL of your fans' feedback everyday.  It's a small token of appreciation that I look forward to reading after a long day of work.  Thank You.


March - 2001

·         TWO Years and 75,000+ visitors.  What more can I say?  Thanks fans for making this site what it has become!!!


December - 2000

·         Check out this funny spoof of Shawshank at the SharkTank Redemption Page.  Here is the Clip in High-Bandwidth and Low-BandwidthRed is actually played by Morgan Feeman's son this time!!!


March - 2000

·         Wow, it's been ONE year since this site went up!!!  After more than 40,000 hits; thank you fans SO MUCH for all the TONS of positive feedback and emails you've all sent me (trust me I read them ALL and try to respond ASAP).  I only do this because for my love of this movie and for all us fans.


December - 1999

·         Could it be???  After two years of waiting, I actually in my hands have the DVD of The Shawshank Redemption!!!  Wow this is great!!  Unfortunately, the commentary with Morgan Freeman was cut, but the still-pictures and the interactive menus are still great!  (BTW: I added some of the still-pictures in the Pictures section.)  


·         Finally saw The Green Mile!!!   Wow, what a great movie!  Although I personally didn't think it was as good as Shawshank, I still thought it was one of the best movie of the year.


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